New litter born at Bluebonnet Barbet

Yesterday, Sunday October 23, Maizie (CH Wookie Biscay’s Grand Opal) delivered lucky number 7 Barbet puppies into the world. She had 4 girls and 3 boys, of which are also 4 brown and 3 black. Mom and pups are doing very well. The pups are healthy, strong and vibrant. The father of this special litter is our Chmurnik (Ch Chmurnik z Gorki Podduchownej CGN). This is the first time we’ve ever had another breeder fly to do a breeding with us, and the Massey’s flew all the way from Texas. If you would like more information about this litter please contact Wendy Massey at

Gone are the puppies that were our summer guests

With the end of summer and the coming of fall, we said ‘see you later’ to our last litter for 2016, our Nappyroots K litter, born on Father’s Day. These very special pups were from Frankie’s (CH Frankly Scarlet de la Serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre) last litter and now after three litters our french girl is retired at 6 years old. Frankie was bred to Angus (Nappyroots Mr Brown) and with both parents being brown this was an all brown litter. We are extremely pleased with the overall structure of the pups from this litter and are excited to watch them grow over the course of the next few years.

This is the first time I am posting their registered names public and here are the wonderful 8 week portraits we took before Chris left for the Yukon. These photos are to die for and I love it when Chris is around to help with the private photo sessions.

All the pups from this litter are still living in Canada and without much further ado…introducing…
Nappyroots Kingston now Jimmy…
Nappyroots Kamila now Chewbacca, who is our pick puppy from the litter, and the pup we have reserved for future breeding…
Nappyroots Kronos now Ducky…
Nappyroots Kluane now Tarka who flew all the way to the Yukon…
Nappyroots Keira now Charlie…
Nappyroots Kelis now Eddie…
Nappyroots Kepler still Kepler…
Nappyroots Karma now Percy…
and Nappyroots Kardinal Offishall also Chewy, short for Chewbacca…

Happy Birthday B babies

Today is the 5th birthday of our Nappyroots B litter. This is our second litter of Barbet babies and the lovely offspring of our Daphne and Chmurnik, whom both themselves are getting up their in age. Today I get to spend the day with Beanie our Nappyroots Beaujolais who is my parents baby girl and who will be staying with me for a week while they’re on vacation. Weird how some things work out and that I get to see a lot of my babies on their birthdays but a special reminder to me too of that very first day when they were born. Happy Birthday to Bilko, Beanie, Roo, Hugo, Reba, Bodhi, Brogan and Angus 🙂 Here’s to many more years of health & happiness!!!
Barbet Beanie 5 years old

Louis earns his CD title today!

Today at the St. Catherine’s & District Kennel & Obedience Club Louis (Nappyroots Aloysius) earned his third and final qualifying score (high in class) to earn his Companion Dog title. We are so proud of Louis who is from our very first litter of Barbet pups and son to Madzia & Chmurnik. Way to go Gail and Louis!!!
Louis earns his CD title

Jane and Randy visit

Barbet cutie
Barbet fauxhawk
Getting sleepy
Lap puppy
Mister orangeToo cute
When the pups were six weeks old we had a visit from one of our families, Jane and Randy, who took all these great photos and then passed them along to me. With all the visitors we’ve been having I haven’t had the opportunity to get my camera outside to take any photos so I need to make sure I get a chance to do just that. Thanks guys! and thanks again Randy for taking a look at my lawnmower while you were here 😉

Barbet pups with raw meaty bones

The pups have been eating raw three times a day for the last three weeks and they’re growing like weeds. They especially love their food and I could not be happier at how healthy our pups are when they eat raw. It’s astonishing to see first hand in another creature how processed food effects us all. I always introduce our pups to raw meaty bones that they can enjoy as a group and on this nice sunny afternoon they had their fair share of running around with these veal tail tips. They still can’t eat the bones but they can already tear some meat off by using their paws and teeth.

Barbet bath time

These photos turned out fantastic and with Chris back in BC, their was absolutely no editing. Love that a puppy’s eyes are mirrors into their loving energy. This one is saying…’hey this isn’t so bad, momma is very gentle’. 😉 Our puppies are groomed regularly to help acquaint them with being brushed, bathed, having their nails cut and ears cleaned. It’s up to our families to keep this maintenance going once our pups go to their new homes. Healthy puppy = happy puppy.
First bath
Barbet puppy way too sweet

Puppy visitations

Starting at 4 weeks old we had our first batch of families come for puppy visits. We waited until the puppies immune systems were strong enough for visitors and we also waited one extra week longer then usual since with our last litter I had gotten very sick and could hardly help Chris with the work load around here. Our first visits were indoors as the puppies hadn’t been outside yet. The families and kids were very excited!!!
Puppy snuggles
So gentle
Matching hairdo
The whole gang visits
Excited for a new friend

Four week old puppies on a mission

So many changes during this last week that the puppies are becoming little doggies now. I’ve given them lots more room inside in their play area and introduced them to an array of new toys including beds, tunnels and houses. The puppies started eating raw in a community bowl and are still occasionally nursing from mom to give her some relief, this coming week they will be ready for their own personal bowls so that we can monitor each of them is getting the same amount of food 3 times a day. We’ve also begun exploring the outdoors, although this has been somewhat tricky this week with the temperatures reaching 40 degrees with the humidity, so early in the mornings we have a few long romps and later once the sun starts setting, but mid afternoon it’s just a short visit to start training for house breaking and then it’s back inside where it’s cool and where the little ones can stay hydrated. I’ve setup a shade tent for us outside but with this humidity it does not help much at all. Lastly we’ve also started having visitors and the pups are enjoying all the hands on play time with their new families and friends. We are off to a great start 😀
Nappyroots K litter
Barbet pups 4 weeks old
Barbet getting sleepy
Barbet raw fed pups
Barbet Frankie nursing
Snuggles with Frankie
Puppy tongue
Barbet blue girl

Sweet Sophie

Last week Chris had to fly to BC for a Panasonic photo shoot and I couldn’t get the week off of work since my work makes me book my holidays late winter the year before. This way if we have anything come up that’s not planned I’m out of luck for having the time off. The opportunity came up for Chris in the spring so we needed to make arrangements for someone to help us watch our puppies while I went into work for my night shift.

Sophie came to the rescue and she stayed with me all week long living in our whelping room and sleeping with the puppies. Who better then Sophie to care for the little ones, take care of all my dogs and help me around the house. Sophie is very familiar with all our dogs as she has one of our Madzia puppies, Scarlett (Nappyroots Fara), and whom Oscar (Osher de l’Esprit de Bonté) lives with, our little male pup we imported from the Netherlands last fall. We have known Sophie for a few years and she absolutely loves puppies, one day an aspiring veterinarian, this could not be more of a perfect summer job for her. I was a little worried Sophie would possibly be bored at the house during the week so when I asked her how it was going, she told me she was having a BLAST! I know the puppies got constant handling and snuggles so I knew they were in good hands. Thanks for all your help Sophie 😀 and since today is your very special day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY good friend!!!
Sophie puppy whisperer