With spring in the air our dogs have been getting lots of treats, like some of the organic hormone free conscientiously raised beef bones, that we get and I especially save for them. I give these to them raw and let them do how they please with them which they could not be more grateful for ;) This gives Chris plenty of time to get some of the work done in the yard, like cleaning up the multitude of trees we lost in this year’s crazy ice storm.

We love giving our dogs raw bones, especially knuckle bones, because these bones clean our dogs teeth, providing them an oral workout and a healthy dose of natural calcium. Raw bones nicely clean food and tartar from their teeth as well the nibbling & pulling of tissues they do with their front teeth is a natural flossing. Providing proper tooth and gum care for our dogs keeps them happy, relaxed and a little sleepy afterwards by preventing bad breath, infected gums and other more serious issues. Your pooch will thank you for boosting their immune system while having hours of entertainment. Our Barbet can’t wait for these special days!!!

Settling in quite nicely

Our Barbet puppies have been in their new homes for 3+ weeks now and everyone has settled in quite nicely. Some have gone to homes with older Barbet siblings and the relationships our now flourishing after an adjustment period while others have gone to homes with children who have fallen in love with their new puppies. While ALL the families have fallen in love with their puppies from Day 1 :D

Here are some of our updated puppy photos of our Madzia x Dougy litter….
Henri (Fresh Prince) who went out west to BC lives with his half sister Edith (Cooey) and his 3 human brothers. Both Henri and Edith are raw fed and from Kate’s recent email, Henri is not a picky eater and a hungry hungry hippo. You can also see some photos of the two pups at Kate’s childhood beach, a favourite spot for sure.

Scout (Fatima) who went to Ottawa enjoys all love she can get from Michele & Alex and obviously plenty of couch time! Love it! This little worm looks so comfortable.

Scarlett (Fara) has gone home to join her portuguese water dog brother Finn and just runs his world. We knew he would be quite smitten with her and let her get away with just about anything. This little girl gets the royal treatment from the Jones family and already has been down by the water which later turned into her first shower with Finn.

Jib (Frere Jacques) also out west in BC already had his first weekend sleepover with his neighbour Nappyroots Bilko. I think with our placement with Jib we not only made Sharon delighted to have her first Barbet but also Ann & Rene who now can all watch the two buddies hang out together.

From our first litter, Nappyroots A, to our most recent, Nappyroots F….our Barbet pup Nessie (Fugeela) has joined her half brother Aloysius and news is around their parts, she is the real boss. LOL. Never thought I would see the day that Louis would ever let another dog in his safe house, his precious man cave, the crate ;)

All the puppies are doing amazing and we have had positive updates from all the families and look forward to getting more updates for years to come!!!

Home Sweet Home

Meet our new Nappyroots families….well some have been around seeing this isn’t their first Barbet pup from us :D All our ‘F’ litter pups went to some amazing homes and are all settling in very nicely. Some stayed in Ontario and others travelled to Alberta and British Columbia but overall everyone is living in Canada!

Introducing our Nappyroots F litter and wonderful owners….
First to go home was Fromage, now Kona, who lives not too far from us in Orangeville with the Grist family. She was our grey collared girl. The Grist family had been waiting a couple years to be able to add a Barbet pup to their family.

Then we had Fugeela, now Nessie, join her half brother Louis (Nappyroots Aloysius from our first ever Barbet litter) with Gail & Jim in Fonthill. Nessie was our purple collared girl and news is her brother Louis is quite taken by her!!!

Next we had our Alberta bound puppy Franco, now Guinness, fly with his new owners David and Megan who also waited a couple of years to add a Barbet to their lives. Guinness was our blue collared boy and he flew like a champ not making a peep on the plane ;) This guy will be David’s fishing and hunting buddy in the future.

Our black collared girl Fatima, now Scout, took a road trip all the way to Ottawa with Alex and Michele. This little girl will be spending lots of time with Barbet Roo (our Nappyroots Brin d’Amour) as Michele is sisters with Roo’s owner, Renee. Can’t wait to see photos of this girl dock diving in the future at the family cottage.

Our two British Columbia bound boys both left with Kate and Geoff. Tan collared boy Fresh Prince, now Henri, will be living with Kate & Geoff and his half sister Edith (Nappyroots Cooey) on the island. Our burgundy collared boy Frere Jacques, now Jib, was graciously taken for Sharon who lives on the mainland and is neighbours with one of our already BC pups, Nappyroots Bilko, in Kamloops.

Dropping off Jib with his new mom Sharon at the Vancouver airport. The two boys were smooth travellers!

Lastly to leave was our white collared girl Fara, who is now Scarlett, and she is actually only about 20 minutes away from us in Kitchener and will be living with the Jones family. Scarlett already visited us the weekend before last and we enjoyed the Elmira Maple Syrup festival with her and the family!!! Look out for Scarlett in future months in the show ring….this pup can strut her stuff :D

Well it’s been an empty nest here at the homestead for two weeks now. Momma Madzia has kept herself busy enjoying the warm weather in the backyard and doing some retriever training with us at the reservoir. She’s pretty happy to have us all to herself, although she has periodically wanted to check in on the puppy room to see what’s going on. She’s adjusted quite well to her little ones going to their new homes. I think I’m taking it harder then her. Here are some photos of the pups the last couple of days with us while they were here getting all cleaned up for their new homes and us saying ‘see you later’ to the little ones.

Winter Barbet Friends

I’ve decided for all of you to do an exceptional post every season about our visiting friends for that particular season. This will be the first of many and we had many friends (our Barbet puppies) either come visit or stay a couple of days while their families enjoyed some special time away or just busied themselves for a day or two this winter and wanted their pups to spend some time with their family. It just happens and is part of our regular life….as if we want to keep our momma’s & poppa’s from their little ones….plus I may want to see them for selfish reasons too ;) Maybe Chris won’t let me keep one of our pups yet, well not yet, but he can’t stop me from seeing them and having them over….just cause :D

So I wanted all of you to see how our little ones have grown up over the years, and yes they do look different, whether be they have different parents or their families have chosen a different haircut for them….they are all Barbet and all Nappyroots Barbet!!!

Nappyroots Aya, Beaujolais, Erma….

Nappyroots Beaujolais & Erma….

Nappyroots Aya….

Nappyroots Beaujolais….

Nappyroots Dirty Harriet….

Von der Leibrucke Banditt….

Nappyroots Aya….

Nappyroots Django….

Stay posted every season for all our Friendly Barbet visitors and you will get to see our Nappyroots pups grow up right in front of your eyes!!!

addicted to love

A good friend gave me a pet tag as a gift for our ‘MADZIA’ who just had her last litter, and yes, is now retired! I think she felt the special need too because she has two of Madzia’s babies now….one from her second litter and one from her third….her last. But I not only think she did it for this reason, nonetheless that we are great friends & have a special bond….but most importantly she knew that I would be tremendously feeling an empty nest syndrome with this litter since this is my first Barbet girl’s last ;) What a great friend SHE is and I spent all of Sunday special ordering pet tags for my other Barbet & Qbert. Kept my mind occupied on the uniqueness of these personalized tags and not a thought that my babies were all gone, at least for the evening. Well I ordered everybody one and I will wait to post more news about the tags when I get them in the mail.
For now here is the one my original momma bear got from a very special friend :D

Barbet puppy photo montage

As the final days come around for our beautiful Barbet puppies from our Madzia X Dougy litter (Nappyroots F) born on January 25, 2014….we take a moment to remember all the good times we’ve had over the course of the last nine weeks!!! Our decision to use Quebec stud FCC CH, CAN CH Barbugaulois Daragon (Dougy) was one of the best we’ve made and working with breeder Michel Raymond and owners Sylvie Marleau & Bobby Souchereau was such a pleasure :D We have been blessed with an extremely healthy and gorgeously structured litter. Great bites, super fronts and toplines and nice reaching gaits. It will be very exciting to watch these puppies grow over the next few years to see what they will all look like as adult Barbet. We would like to thank all our friends and families for their wonderful support to us with the little ones and making them who they are today ;)

Barbet puppy pool

Kate & Geoff in Ladysmith, British Columbia who are looking to expand their family took a friendly pool at their bistro the Wild Poppy and bakery Old Town Bakery to see if they would be getting a Barbet girl or boy puppy sibling for Edith. Looks like it was very close….and if Sandra had stuck with her gut then the Saturday morning girls would have won! Their name choices for their puppy are of course Henri or Primrose.

The winner was our tan collared boy, Nappyroots Fresh Prince, who will be Henri & joining his half sister in British Columbia this weekend! But before then we get to hang out with our friends Kate & Geoff that are flying here to pick their little man up! Can’t wait until they meet him :D
His sister Edith awaits his arrival….

Temperament testing Barbet puppies

We spend a lot of time with the puppies from the day they are born, when they begin to each have their own personalities, when they are with their litter mates and on their own, and providing a creative challenging environment for them. This allows us to get to know them better then anybody else which helps us match each puppy temperament to its new family. We combine our getting to know them with a formal temperament test at 7 weeks called the Puppy Aptitude Test (Volhard) to further access each puppy.
Barbet puppy seen doing the retrieving test….

Barbet puppy seen doing the sight sensitivity test….

Barbet puppy with the Volhard temperament tester, my mom, and our #1 supporter!

Curious George – Barbet puppies 5 to 7 weeks old

Our Madzia and Dougy puppies are 7 weeks old now and are a cheerful curious bunch. From 5 to 7 weeks of age they go through a curiosity period where they climb, investigate, squeeze through tunnels and taste everything….especially chew on sticks and play the ‘catch me if you can’ game if they’ve got a stick that a brother or sister want. The pups are going outside regularly now wether it’s snowing, raining or the sun is shining and they all run to the door to get out there. Pretty smart if you ask me.

Momma has slowly weaned her litter, she began much later then her previous litters and Chris & I think she might have an idea that these are her last pups, poor girl :( The pups are getting constant socialization (since this is also the socialization period from 5 to 16 weeks) and they have many visitors who stay and play for hours until the puppies start to fall asleep at which point they are held & snuggled. It’s been real nice to have many of the families come every week and watch the litter grow always in amazement how much they’ve grown and what new things they can do. We’ve had the the little ones in the car on trips outside of our home, they’ve had their first baths & grooms (including ears cleaned and regular nail trims), gun training has begun (for fear of loud noises and future hunters) and everyday requires some creativity on our part to get these guys ready for the big world.

When the puppies were 6 weeks old they got their tattoos for identification (all CKC registered purebred dogs must be identified whether by tattoo or microchip) and we do this prior to them being 7 weeks old as research has shown they have no pain memory before then. A CKC tattoo is in the format of a kennel code/number/year code. The kennel code is a 3 letter code only assigned to that kennel, followed by a number which is the puppy born to that kennel that year (we go in birth order), and lastly the year code is a letter representing that year (2012 is the letter B). We’ve got a great system for the tattoos as these guys are our 5th litter to get them and the puppies enjoy some kefir to keep them busy while they’re getting their ink. For more information on why we choose tattoos over microchips please read Microchips: Are Pet Owners Being Misled?