If you haven’t seen this video then you are missing out on a beautiful tribute to a very special friend! Ben Moon, photographer, put this video together of his pal who was always there for him. I have already seen this a few times and obviously will continue to watch this awesome short film many more times. If you think you love your dog then get ready to love your friend that much more ;)

Denali on Vimeo

What a day…in deed!

Today our Madzia (CH Satine Biscay’s Precious Pearl WC CGN) turns lucky number 7!!! She was born in the first Barbet litter in Ontario back in 2008. We love her to pieces and don’t know what our life would have been like without her. Here’s to you Madziabear and to many more healthy and happy years ahead of you :D Happy Birthday to all the Precious Pearl’s!

Here she is doing what she loves best…retrieving ;) We love you pretty girl!
Momma and her bumper
momma swimming
Momma in the sun

First of three Junior Hunt tests!

Yesterday in Puslinch, Ontario at the Mill Creek Retriever Club hunt tests, our Madzia (CH Satine Biscay’s Precious Pearl WC CGN) who is from the first Ontario born Barbet litter to Biscay Waterdogs, passed her first of three Junior Hunt test trials to get her Junior Hunt title. What a day it was for us. Six hours in the pouring rain for all the JH and SH trials to commence. I went through two winter coats that were soaked right through to the bone and…for the last day in May it sure was cold!

We earned our two land retrieves and went on to the impossible…two water marks, that were sure a ways away, for a Junior test…almost too far…
Junior Hunt test May 31, 2015 in Puslinch, ON.
The boat off in the distance of the stick pond was Madzia’s first retrieve about at least 40-50? yards away, and we’ve never trained with decoys in the water before, we don’t own any…and at this test they used three. My baby girl swam out to the second decoy and I thought oh no, she’s gonna bring back a decoy how embarrassing, at which point she just nudged it and kept swimming for her bird. YES! She delivered right to hand!
The Mallards
Another trialer, who's also a judge
Her second retrieve was about halfway across the pond and since she was tired she tried to shortcut it about 20 feet away from me to walk up along shore to deliver, but being a steep incline stick pond there was nowhere for her to come up, instead she got stuck on a big tree branch in the water, and not wanting to let go of her mallard she tried to unstick her bird or climb up over the tree. My 40lb girl was trying to get her, what would have felt like 20lb wet mallard up over a tree. She paddled what seemed like 2 mins in one spot to eventually get unstuck to only get caught up on another branch and finally came swimming up beside me to deliver once again to hand! I never had soooo many people congratulate us or say ‘good job!’!! After which we climbed up out of the steep incline and I had the next two men trialing tell me they would have never let anything happen to my dog! What comradery! I walked away, of course, bursting into tears I was so happy and proud, my baby girl, did what she loves to do…in an unexpected trial situation! Way to go Madzia, you are the BEST!
Recieving ceremonies, yeah its just a garage
Recieving ceremonies
At the receiving ceremonies we earned our first of three passes towards our Junior Hunt title!
Our Barbet Madzia passes her first of three Junior Hunt tests to get her Junior Hunt title.
Thank you to judges John Hamilton and Karen Jawdek for our first Junior Hunt honour and all those that helped out and supported us. Big thank you to the gunners…Paul Hunter, Jim Ouellette and Nigel Kay. What a great way to spend your weekend…out in the pouring rain :D

My Madzia is soon to be 7 years old on June 15th, 2015 and yes…she is still and always will be my baby girl. I LOVE you Madzia!!!

Video montage of our Nappyroots H litter

A beautiful video put together by Chris of his favourite photos taken over the course of about 9 weeks from our Nappyroots H litter. These very special Barbet puppies belong to first time parents Nappyroots Chantilly Lace X Nappyroots Mr Brown born on March 10, 2015.

These videos that Chris puts together have a very special place in my heart as they really tell a true story of our pups lives with us! I know all the hard work that he spends not only taking the photos over the course of the weeks but also the hours he spends putting together the order of this video and matching it to the perfect song that holds real meaning to raising our little family.

Our puppies just went to their new families this past weekend. This time they all stayed in Canada and travelled to…Kamloops BC, and the rest stayed in province from Chatham, Sudbury, Hamilton, all the way to Ottawa.

Let the light guide your way, hold every memory as you go and every road you take will always lead you home.
When I see you again…
– Wiz Khalifa

Nappyroots E litter turns 2!

Yesterday, May 12, our Nappyroots E litter turned 2 years old. Sorry I’m a day late…I slept all day yesterday seeing our last litter just went to their homes this past weekend and it was first real days sleep in over two months ;) Not that we forgot you we’re in our thoughts the last few days. Hope everyone had a great day full of treats and fun with your family and friends. Happy Birthday to Maple, Miele, Ema, Bleu, Tucker, Rio, Zoe and especially Euclid :D
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Happy Birthday…not so little…G litter puppies!

Our Nappyroots G litter (CH Frankly Scarlet de la Serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre X CH Chmurnik z Gorki Podduchownej CGN) turns the big one year old today! Happy Birthday to Avey, Coco, miss Goldilocks, Loulou, Noisette, Scout, Gryphon, Poppy, Jonah, and Juno. A birthday is a most special day in one’s life. Enjoy yours to its fullest.
Barbet Frankie and her G litter puppies
Here’s Coco all grown up with Harry. What a beautiful litter this turned out to be :) We’re very proud of how well everyone is doing and how much our pups are loved!
Coco all grown up with Harry

Barbet Madzia plays with Frankie and our Nappyroots H litter

Barbet grandma’s Madzia and Daphne (of our Nappyroots H litter) play with Frankie, who sports her summer haircut while the puppies look on. This is great experience for the 7 week old puppies who learn how the adults play together and you will notice they even begin to mimic the big girls and try to join in. In no time they will be playing like this with each other. We have been allowing the puppies interaction with the adults for some weeks now and they have been quickly learning what they can and can’t do.

Our H litter begins to leave for their new homes in a week and a half so every day from now until then is a new adventure.

What a beautiful week!

Last week we had some really nice sunny weather and it almost felt like summer. We had the 5 week old puppies (our Nappyroots Chantilly Lace X Nappyroots Mr Brown litter) outside everyday and it was a lot of fun watching them play and try to figure out what the big outside world was all about. They were constantly chasing each other around, wrestling, jumping, hanging out with the adult dogs. Grandma Daphne took quite a liking to the little ones and grandpa Chmurnik watched over them like they were his to protect. Housebreaking is in full swing and all the pups are getting the hang of it. We’re hoping for some more sunny days over the next few weeks while the puppies are still here with us.
Week 5 cute one
Always somebody bugging me
Enjoying the sun
It's who is on top that counts
Look at me I'm a happy camper
Mr Orange
Puppy love
Somebody woke me up
stare down

New Nappyroots CKC Champion

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This past weekend at the Norfolk Kennel & Obedience Club show in Caledonia our Nappyroots Ema became a new CKC champion. On Sunday April 5th she took Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite earning her a championship title. Ema is a CH Nelum-Himalis Daphne CGN X Nappyroots Afrika Bambaataa WC puppy from our Nappyroots E litter born on May 12th, 2013. Ema enjoyed going to shows and loved the show ring strutting her stuff with her beautiful gait. She was a joy to show and it’s a bond we will share forever. We want to thank judge Mrs. Janet Lobb for awarding Ema with her new championship title! Since we couldn’t stick around to get a photo with our judge, we had the lovely Sophie stand in and hold Ema’s ribbons ;)