Four week old puppies on a mission

So many changes during this last week that the puppies are becoming little doggies now. I’ve given them lots more room inside in their play area and introduced them to an array of new toys including beds, tunnels and houses. The puppies started eating raw in a community bowl and are still occasionally nursing from mom to give her some relief, this coming week they will be ready for their own personal bowls so that we can monitor each of them is getting the same amount of food 3 times a day. We’ve also begun exploring the outdoors, although this has been somewhat tricky this week with the temperatures reaching 40 degrees with the humidity, so early in the mornings we have a few long romps and later once the sun starts setting, but mid afternoon it’s just a short visit to start training for house breaking and then it’s back inside where it’s cool and where the little ones can stay hydrated. I’ve setup a shade tent for us outside but with this humidity it does not help much at all. Lastly we’ve also started having visitors and the pups are enjoying all the hands on play time with their new families and friends. We are off to a great start 😀
Nappyroots K litter
Barbet pups 4 weeks old
Barbet getting sleepy
Barbet raw fed pups
Barbet Frankie nursing
Snuggles with Frankie
Puppy tongue
Barbet blue girl

Sweet Sophie

Last week Chris had to fly to BC for a Panasonic photo shoot and I couldn’t get the week off of work since my work makes me book my holidays late winter the year before. This way if we have anything come up that’s not planned I’m out of luck for having the time off. The opportunity came up for Chris in the spring so we needed to make arrangements for someone to help us watch our puppies while I went into work for my night shift.

Sophie came to the rescue and she stayed with me all week long living in our whelping room and sleeping with the puppies. Who better then Sophie to care for the little ones, take care of all my dogs and help me around the house. Sophie is very familiar with all our dogs as she has one of our Madzia puppies, Scarlett (Nappyroots Fara), and whom Oscar (Osher de l’Esprit de Bonté) lives with, our little male pup we imported from the Netherlands last fall. We have known Sophie for a few years and she absolutely loves puppies, one day an aspiring veterinarian, this could not be more of a perfect summer job for her. I was a little worried Sophie would possibly be bored at the house during the week so when I asked her how it was going, she told me she was having a BLAST! I know the puppies got constant handling and snuggles so I knew they were in good hands. Thanks for all your help Sophie 😀 and since today is your very special day birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY good friend!!!
Sophie puppy whisperer

Website troubles

Well I’m sad to say that someone out there has decided to take the time to hack our website. We are not contagious 😉 albeit someone is riding on our views with their own advertisements. This has created some new work for me with time that I don’t have and with a limited knowledge of computers I’m going to have to turn to those with more experience. I have always done the website design and administrative work myself so I want to keep this in the family. Luckily for us and strangely enough my brother is here this month from Seattle, hopefully we can solve this quickly with not too much trouble. Thankfully my brother is like my own Mr. Robot 😀 In the meantime please bare with us and if you see any funky changes to the website those are some of the glitches we have to work out since doing some major updates!

Week 2 & 3 photo updates of the Frankie X Angus puppies

I feel like the last couple of weeks I’m constantly playing catch up. I have yet to add the last batch of photos to the blog, but thankfully I did have a moment to get these all out to the families. I would have felt terrible to be keeping these all to myself. The photo quality is not what we’re use to around here with Chris gone the last two weeks and I have to learn again how to somewhat remotely take a picture. I think I may need another refresher course from the husband. The two portraits are with the help of my friend Sophie who had been staying with me at the house.
Barbet Frankie and her pups
Barbet pups nursing
Barbet pups week 3
Barbet pups 3 week portrait

Frankie and Angus’ puppies are now 3 weeks old

The puppies are 3 weeks old now and there’s a lot of action and noise coming from the whelping box. Our eyes are open, we are barking and growling, and getting better at walking for longer distances before tumbling over. The puppies are learning to play with each other, toys and new things we add to their environment. They have started to explore and it won’t be long before we expand their play area, start taking them outdoors, and introduce them to their families that are super excited to meet the little ones! The world is going to get a whole lot bigger 😀

Puppy portraits

The puppies just turned two weeks old and I’m still catching up with some first week puppy portraits. I love watching all the growing stages of the little ones and in the first week they are very vulnerable and in need of special TLC. The pups don’t have their eyes open in these photos, nor can they hear yet but they can surely smell and taste momma’s milk. The pups are all doing very well, everyone is healthy, happy and growing.

In birth order…
Purple collared girl…
Brown collared boy…
Orange collared boy…
Yellow collared boy…
Yellow 2
Black collared boy…
Green collared boy…
Pink collared girl…
Red collared girl…
Blue collared girl…

Our Frankie X Angus puppies have arrived!

On Father’s Day, June 19th, Frankie (CH Frankly Scarlet de la Serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre) had nine blooming Barbet puppies with Angus (Nappyroots Mr Brown). She had 5 males and 4 females; all are brown and some have a tad of white. This is Frankie’s 3rd and final litter, she has been an excellent mom and has made a huge contribution to the Barbet community.

Frankie spends every waking moment with her babies and then she also naps with them as well. She only leaves the whelping box to hydrate herself, have something to eat, spend a couple minutes outside and cool off on the tile floor. She is very nurturing and tends to every peep from her babes.

The puppies are healthy, happy and most of all hungry. They’re already growing so much before our eyes and soon enough they will be on their feet motoring around.
Here is the pups birth record:
12:57am – brown female (purple collar) – 358g
1:12am – brown male (brown collar) – 384g
1:56am – brown w/ white male (orange collar) – 352g
2:33am – brown male (yellow collar) – 360g
3:50am – brown w/ white male (black collar) – 438g
4:04am – brown male (green collar) – 329g
6:14am – brown female (pink collar) – 341g
10:40am – brown female (red collar) – 317g
10:47am – brown female (blue collar) – 310g

We look forward to spending the summer with our puppies and all the new adventures they will bring 😀 This will be our Nappyroots ‘K’ litter.
Frankly Scarlet and Angus litter
Barbet Frankly Scarlet and Nappyroots K litter

Nappyroots K litter

Oh joyous day!

Today is the very special birthday of our Nappyroots C litter, only our 3rd litter of Barbet pups, and these angels are turning 4 years old. This was Madzia’s (CH Satine Biscay’s Precious Pearl CGN WC JH) second litter of puppies and she had them with the handsome Disco (CH Nelum-Himalis Disque d’Or CGN). We are proud to say that everyone is unconditionally loved by their super awesome family’s, and even our little Chubbs that now lives with us, is an irreplaceable member of our family. Happy Birthday to you all on your very own special day 😀 XOXOXO
Here is Tilly (Nappyroots Chantilly Lace) keeping cool with her new summer do and laying in her favourite summer spot in the house. Tilly is the mother of our Nappyroots H litter with Angus.
Barbet Nappyroots Chantilly Lace
Tilly keeping cool
And here is our very own Chubbs (Nappyroots Charming) sharing birthday bones with her whole family (thats mom in the background)!!! Nothing better then a raw meaty bone on your birthday, well not anyways for this special girl 😉
Birthday bones
Barbet Chubbs

Barbet Beanie goes green ;)

Beanie (Nappyroots Beaujolais) has been finely chauffeured around in my dad’s Tesla Model S for about a year now. I’m so proud of my dad for going the distance and buying such a superb electric car but for also letting Beanie have the whole backseat. She is definitely going to pick up some boys in this ride 😀 Happy Fathers Day dad…thanks for bringing the family and spending the afternoon together!
Barbet Beanie, Chester and the Tesla

8 sweet years

Today we celebrate 8 sweet years with our baby girl Madzia (CH Satine Biscay’s Precious Pearl CGN WC JH). What an amazing time its been and what a special journey you have taken us on. Madzia is our first Barbet and her personality gave way to ‘The Friendly Barbet’. She is our snuggle bear, hunting queen, and a best friend to both of us. She is the mother to 3 litters (22 Barbet puppies) and has now been retired for 2 1/2 years, and she is now the grandmother to 31 Barbet. Happy Birthday brown bear 😀 We look forward to many more years together!!!

Some of my favourite photos of Madzia…
Barbet Madzia and her duck
Madzia on the hill
madzia on the stump
Momma and her bumper
momma swimming
Ula and Madzia
Momma in the sun