Lucky number seven!

Today our CH Nelum-Himalis Daphne CGN turns seven years old!!! I can’t believe time goes by so quick, it seems only yesterday that I was in Finland meeting you for the very first time and making the journey back with you, to our home in Canada. We have had seven sweet years together and here’s to many more 😀 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL GIRL!
A blast from the past, here you are at 8 weeks old still in Finland at Anne’s cottage.
Barbet Daphne 8 weeks old

Another spring birthday and we’re not done there

It seems May is a prime birthday month for our puppies and even our dogs. Today is the 3rd birthday for our Nappyroots E litter, a litter of 8 special pups, that was our litter to momma CH Nelum-Himalis Daphne (our import from Finland) and Nappyroots Afrika Bambaataa WC (the first time we used a puppy from our own breeding). Happy birthday little ones, enjoy your special day and all your birthday treats!!! XOXO

Here is Miele (Nappyroots Evora De L’Alentejo) enjoying her birthday ball. Miele lives with Lise & Lisa in Connecticut, USA with her two Barbet sisters, Bevue and Noisette.
Barbet Nappyroots Evora De L'Alentejo
This is Rio (Nappyroots Elektra) who lives in Toronto with Adrian and Lisa, this beautiful photo was taken here at our home when she was here for a visit.
And let’s not forget Maple (Nappyroots Erma) who lives in Lynden with Steve and Christina.
Barbet Maple

Happy Birthday Nappyroots G litter

Today is a very special day for 10 beautiful puppies, as today, is our Nappyroots G litter’s 2nd birthday. This was our largest litter yet to CH Frankly Scarlet de la Serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre X CH Chmurnik z Gorki Podduchownej CGN. We could not be more proud of your continuous success, vigour and that each of you are healthy and happy in life. It’s moments like these that we give thanks!!! Hope you all had tons of kisses from your families and a big raw meaty bone to chew on in todays afternoon sun 😀

Here is the stunning Noisette (Nappyroots Gidget) who lives with Lise and Lisa in Connecticut, USA. Wishing all her brothers and sisters a special day!
Barbet Nappyroots Gidget

Also, this just in…a special wish from Scout (Nappyroots Grandmaster Flash) for a Happy 2nd Birthday to all his siblings. “I much prefer the garden hose to my fancy puppy toys! Scout XO”. Remind you much of anyone, still to this day like father like son, I can’t remember the count on how many garden hoses we lost thanks to Chmurnik and his propensity towards water. LOL! Scout lives in Toronto with the Cotter-Carscadden family.
Barbet Nappyroots Grandmaster Flash

Our Nappyroots J crew leaves the nest…all but one :D

Over the course of the last week and a half our Nappyroots J crew has flew the Barbet’s nest, well two flew 😉 the other 5 drove, and one little man is here for an extended stay while his family is in Europe. LUCKY LUCKY ME!!! Who gets to snuggle, play, and be part of his shenanigans for another few weeks. Woohoo!

Our first 4 puppies to leave were…
Nappyroots Jean Grae (lilac collar girl), now named Frankie after grandma Frankly Scarlet, went to live with the hilarious Kim and Pat in Fergus…
Kim and Pat with Barbet Frankie
Nappyroots Jumanji (brown collar boy), now goes by Goose, love that name, went to live with Ryan and Stephanie in Kitchener…
Stephanie and Ryan with Barbet Goose
Nappyroots Jalapeño (yellow collar boy), now named Aubi, the nephews are very big Star Wars fans, went to live with Russell and Laura in Uxbridge…
Laura and Russell with Barbet Aubi
Then to round up the first weekend, Nappyroots Jazzy Jeff (blue collar boy), who is now Freddy, classic!, went to live in the great outdoors with Ferne and Dave in Gooderham…
Ferne and Dave with Barbet Freddy
Then during last week we had our first flyer, Nappyroots Jubilee (red collar girl), who is now Arrow, had her family fly from BC to come pick her up. A surprise to us but Phillip did not come alone he brought the lovely and special 6 year old Kayel for the trip so that she may be part of the whole experience of their first Barbet puppy. It was a pleasure and joy to get to know Phillip and Kayel on a more personal note after they waited almost 2 years to get a puppy from us. Arrow now lives in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.
Kayel on the dog house
Kayel with Barbet Arrow
Phillip and Barbet Arrow
This past weekend we had two more puppies picked up by their families. First Nappyroots Junip (purple collar girl), who now goes by Rosemary, aka Rosie, went to live with the lovely couple Monika and Etienne in Etobicoke. They won this special girl over with some treats as she followed them straight to their car. This little one was ready to start her new journey and we could not be more thankful for Monika and Etienne who also like Arrow’s family waited almost two years to bring one of our puppies home. It’s moments like this that stick with you forever.
Monika and Etienne with Barbet Rosemary
Then our second flyer, and our last puppy to leave the nest (for now), was Nappyroots Jeevika (green collar girl), who is still Jeevika, or Vika, flew home with her super happy momma Eva to Dunwoody, Georgia (USA). Eva Gellert is certified canine water therapist (to say the least, she really does much much more) and is the owner/operator of WagnSwim an aquatic wellness centre for pets established in Atlanta, GA back in 2005. On top of swim therapy she offers a whole line of holistic services from paw reflexology, massage therapy, acupuncture, to herbs. So all in all Jeevika, pretty much went to doggie heaven right here on earth, so much so that she won’t know what hit her but when you’re this little and it’s all you know you really think this is how life is suppose to be. We too have made a great friend in Eva and are ready for many more adventures with this super awesome lady!!!
Barbet Vika getting ready for her flight
Eva with Barbet Jeevika
Gifts from Barbet Jeevika

Stay tuned for more adventures with Nappyroots Johannesburg (black collar boy), who is now Angus, and his life with us over the next few weeks…

Puppy portraits

All of our Nappyroots J crew, but one little fella have left the nest. They are in the beginning stages of starting their new lives with their new families. Before the puppies left we were able to get a personal photo shoot with each and every one of these beauties.

Announcing our Nappyroots J litter names and there 8 week portraits…

Black male white markings (yellow collar)
Barbet Nappyroots Jalapeno
Brown female white markings (purple collar)
Barbet Nappyroots Junip
Black male (black collar)
Barbet Nappyroots Johannesburg
Brown male (brown collar)
Barbet Nappyroots Jumanji
Black female (red collar)
Barbet Nappyroots Jubilee
Black male (blue collar)
Barbet Nappyroots Jazzy Jeff
Black female (lilac collar)
Barbet Nappyroots Jean Grae
Brown female (green collar)
Barbet Nappyroots Jeevika

Barbet Imogen is the first to leave the nest

Last week on Tuesday our singleton Nappyroots Imogen was the first to leave the nest. The Woolvett family, all seven of them, drove down to pick this sweet girl up and finally bring her home with them! Imogen left a few days before her J crew compadres because she was almost a week older but slowly the others are joining their new families as well.

We have already heard news of how this little one is doing, now she goes by Lexus, instead of our Mo. Sometimes the family calls her Lexi too. She is already learning sit, stay and has had some playdates with some new friends. Here are some of the last photos we took of Lexi at the house and her family portrait the day she went home 😀
Barbet Mo and friend
Barbet Mo in the yard
Barbet Mo stack
Barbet Imogen
Woolvett Family and Imogen

The last few weeks…preparing the puppies for their new homes

The last few weeks we have been finalizing all our testings with the puppies for family placements, identifying them by tattoo, continually grooming (baths, ears cleaned and toenails cut), road trips in the car, and still socializing with lots of people.
Barbet Daphne jr
Barbet fun bath time
Barbet looking for help from his family
Barbet pup looking so cute
When the puppies were 6 weeks old they got their tattoos for identification (all CKC registered purebred dogs must be identified whether by tattoo or microchip) and we do this prior to them being 7 weeks old as research has shown they have no pain memory before then. A CKC tattoo is in the format of a kennel code/number/year code. The kennel code is a 3 letter code only assigned to that kennel, followed by a number which is the puppy born to that kennel that year (we go in birth order), and lastly the year code is a letter representing that year (2016 is the letter D).
Barbet Imogen and her tattoo
We spend a lot of time with the puppies from the day they are born, when they begin to each have their own personalities, when they are with their litter mates and on their own, and providing a creative challenging environment for them. This allows us to get to know them better then anybody else which helps us match each puppy temperament to its new family. We combine our getting to know them with a formal temperament test at 7 weeks called the Puppy Aptitude Test (Volhard) to further access each puppy. These tests were developed as long ago as the 1930’s for dogs bred to become Guide Dogs….
The tests are as follows:
1. Social Attraction – degree of social attraction to people, confidence or dependence.
2. Following – willingness to follow a person.
3. Restraint – degree of dominant or submissive tendency, and ease of handling in difficult situations.
4. Social Dominance – degree of acceptance of social dominance by a person.
5. Elevation – degree of accepting dominance while in a position of no control, such as at the veterinarian or groomer.
6. Retrieving – degree of willingness to do something for you. Together with Social Attraction and Following a key indicator for ease or difficulty in training.
7. Touch Sensitivity – degree of sensitivity to touch and a key indicator to the type of training equipment required.
8. Sound Sensitivity – degree of sensitivity to sound, such as loud noises or thunderstorms.
9. Sight Sensitivity – degree of response to a moving object, such as chasing bicycles, children or squirrels.
10. Stability – degree of startle response to a strange object.
Momma Cwik and Barbet Imogen
And still yet puppy socialization with poppa Wembley (Nappyroots Dr Pepper) and our families, watching their reactions to the little ones, the bonding time to the whole litter, and a special visit with a special lady…Eva flies down from Atlanta to meet the whole litter before anyone goes to their homes and even before Imogen leaves, whom although long distance, she has formed a large bond with each and every one of these pups.
Barbet proud poppa
Anybody home
Ryan and the puppies
Barbet a kiss hello
Barbet best friends get to meet

Wild at Nappyroots Reg’d

Here is a Barbet photo memoir of the last week at The Friendly Barbet in Elmira, Ontario. J crew with singleton Imogen, experience the big Canadian outdoors and show us what life is really like as a 7 week old puppy. More news to come as our time with these little ones soon draws to a big see you later 😉
Bucket girl
Daphne JR
Black boy getting sleepy
Natural Stack
Pumpkin nose
purple black and white
Red Girl