One Love

On Sunday morning (January 31st) at 1:49am, our CH Nappyroots Daisy (aka Dali), gave birth to one baby girl. We are so happy that everything went smoothly with the whelping process and that Dali delivered her baby naturally. We were already aware that Dali was going to be having one puppy when we did the ultrasound about a month ago and are ecstatic that mom and baby are doing very well. The father of the litter is our fawn male CH Nappyroots Buju Banton CGN (aka Brogan).

1:49am – black and white female – burgundy collar – 360g

Dali was bred to Brogan near the very end of her ovulation and therefore only one egg made it’s way into becoming our beautiful baby girl. I am sure things would have turned out differently if on time, but I am a firm believer that things do happen for a reason. Even if at times I’m not sure what that reason is until later on. With a singleton litter we were and are up against some odds. Our vet informed us that Dali had a 50% chance of delivering naturally, as sometimes with small litters moms don’t go into labour, however Dali trooped through stage one & two of labour and brought this one of a kind girl into the world.
barbet, barbet litter, nappyroots reg'd, the friendly barbet
This is our Nappyroots I litter and this girl already had a special name picked out for her. She is black with similar white markings to her mother. She has a white chest, feet and muzzle. We look forward to the coming weeks and watching this little one grow. This is our winter 2016 litter and she is most definitely spoken for!

Introducing Nappyroots Imogen…
barbet, barbet puppy, nappyroots reg'd, the friendly barbet

Happy Birthday to our Madzia X Dougy puppies

Today our Nappyroots F litter turns 2 years old 😀 Happy Birthday to Jib, Henri, Scarlett, Nessie, Guinness, Scout and Kona!!! Enjoy your very special day with your family and we are sending our love your way. XOXOXO

Our Madzia (CH Satine Biscay’s Precious Pearl CGN WC JH) was bred to the lovely Dougy (FCC CH, CAN CH Barbugaulois Daragon) in Quebec with the collaboration of Barbet breeder Michel Raymond and Dougy’s owners Sylvie Marlow and Bobby Souchereau. Thank you for the happy beautiful puppies you have helped us create :) This is a very special litter for us, as it’s our Madzia’s last litter and this one of a kind momma is now retired.

Elora Gorge dog show

As always, at this time of year, we did the Christmas dog show at Bingemans for the Elora Gorge Kennel Club. We were there all three days (December 27-29) and it was actually nice and relaxing for a dog show. We had fun with family, friends, Barbet breeders from Ontario, and some new families that came out to meet the breed, our dogs and to be part of their first dog show.

We had two dogs entered in the show over the course of the three days. BPISS CH Nappyroots Buju Banton CGN (Brogan) and Nappyroots Fara (Scarlett).
Brogan and Chris
Pro Sophie doing her thing with Scarlett
On the last day of the show Sophie who was handling Scarlett (a Madzia puppy from her last breeding to Dougy) took winners bitch over 5 other females earning her 3 points towards her championship!!! It was a wonderful day for the two girls and we could not be more proud of them. It was also nice to hear Sophie’s insight to how the show went and how nice the other handlers were to her giving her a big boost congratulating her!!! Nice to see that camaraderie is still here in the dog show world and that the professional handlers realize how important it is to appreciate new and young handlers 😉 Thanks to judge Mr. Doug Gaudin who appreciated our Scarlett.
Sophie and Nappyroots Fara
This was a great way to end the year for dog shows for us!!! We have been participating in the Elora Gorge dog show for seven years straight and it was the first show we ever entered and got our first point at with Scralett’s mom, Madzia (CH Satine Biscay’s Precious Pearl CGN WC JH).
We of course also brought Osher de l’Esprit de Bonté along for the experience so that he could get comfortable with the atmosphere. I could not explain how well he did. He was excited and tired with all the dogs, smells, noises and best behaviour he had to be on. I also got to practice with him and did some down and backs in the show ring. This guy is going to do so well when he starts showing with his nice straight natural gait and confidence. Looking forward to bringing him to more shows in 2016!
Barbet Osher at Elora Gorge dog show

New stud Nappyroots Dr Pepper

Nappyroots Dr Pepper, who goes by Wembley, has passed his health clearances for breeding and his OFA results/certificates are here. His hips tested OFA FAIR (B/B) & elbows tested NORMAL; July 14, 2015 and his eyes tested OFA NORMAL; August 15, 2014. He is now registered with the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC). We are so happy to get positive results back and to be able to add this lovely boy into our breeding plans.
DR PEPPER OFA hips & elbows
Wembley was born on November 28, 2012 to dam CH Frankly Scarlet de la Serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre (FR) & foreign sire Cousteau Von der Leibrucke (NL). He is from our fourth litter of Barbet pups with the collaboration of kennel Von der Leibrucke in the Netherlands. Wembley is one of eight puppies, the only male in the litter, and brother to CH Nappyroots Danger and CH Nappyroots Daisy (both breeding females). He is a large stunning dog with a long brown spiral coat with a patch of white on his chest. Wembley is 25″/63cm tall and weighs 61lbs/27.6kg.

He is CKC registered with a 3-generation CKC pedigree.
barbet, barbet stud, nappyroots stud, barbet dog, barbet in canada
Wembley body shot
Wembley lives in Mississauga, Ontario with Kurt and Angela. He is incredibly kind, gentle and patient with their young kids. The boys can be gentle or rough around him and Wembley takes it or will walk away. He shows interest in their activities, mostly when they have food on their hands or face and is looking forward until the boys get to an age when they can play doggie games with him. He enjoys his hiking & camping trips with the family.
Wembley smiling
Barbet Nappyroots Dr Pepper
Wembley loves to have fun! He plays with squeakers, tennis balls and bones. His favourite game is to snatch a toy and run outside with it or toss his squeakers for himself. He is a low maintenance, playful, friendly goof ball who will steal your heart. Wembley doesn’t show much prey drive leaving the birds, squirrels and bunnies alone, however he loves to swim. His favourite past time is napping or chewing sticks outside. At his core, he is super friendly, gentle, independent and loves his family’s attention!
Wembley sitting pretty
We are looking forward to Wembley being a dad in 2016 and can’t wait until his puppies are chasing this goof ball around! He has a lot to look forward too 😀 😀 😀

Madzia’s Junior Hunter certificate is here

Barbet Satine Junior Hunter certificate
Well after waiting for what seemed like months, Madzia’s Junior Hunter certificate is finally here. I was starting to worry but I guess with the Christmas mail it got a little delayed in our trusty post system. Yeah! Time to frame this and hang it beside Madzia’s Working Certificate.

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!!! This is a special time for family & friends, tradition, holiday cheer and good food. I am looking forward to spending the next week and a half with our hairy family and not having to leave to go to work. We are very blessed for all the good health and happiness our little family has had over the last many years. Time for some holiday baking and treat making that the dogs can enjoy 😀

Merry Christmas from Qbert, Madzia, Chmurnik, Daphne, Frankie, Chubbs and Chris & myself!!!
Miele, Bevue & Noisette
In this photo…sitting on santa’s lap are Barbet Miele, Bevue and Noisette. Thanks for the photo Lise & Lisa 😉

Melba and Brogan puppies have arrived for Wulymut Barbets

We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of newly born Barbet puppies Licorice, Latke, Limoncello and Lollipop (4 black puppies; 2 females & 2 males) born yesterday on December 7th, 2015. The mom of this sweet litter is Melba (Neignuveaux’s Helga to Wulymut CGN) and the first time dad is our Brogan (BPISS CH Nappyroots Buju Banton CGN). Congratulations goes out to breeders Heath and Helen Kenyon of Wulymut Barbets in Alberta, Canada!!!
Melba and Brogan litter
Wulymut Barbets