Hola from sunny Mexico!

Chris and I have been away on our first vacation down south since we were married back in 2008, and this time we went to the Mayan Rivera in Mexico to celebrate the marriage of my only younger brother Luke to the love of his life Madeleine.
hand in hand
This trip took quite a lot of preparation and the help of great friends as with us travelling together we need to make a lot of plans for who is going to care for our dogs. Our Frankie went to stay with Sandy and Brian whom are the owners of Banditt and Frankie’s daughter Dali, Madzia and Daphne stayed with Curt and Tory with Madzia’s daughter Scarlett, and Qbert went to stay with Chris’ dad Rick. That left Chmurnik, Mya and my parents Barbet Beanie at the house and we had our dear friend Keith stay here with his two girls Danger and Avey, while also taking care of the house and errands around here. We truly want to thank all our friends that made this possible. If it weren’t for you I don’t know how comfortable we both would have been traveling together!
Namaste in Mexico
We just recently got home and are settling back in with the dogs and work. Our trip was fantastic as we were fortunate to spend the holidays with most of my family from Ontario, Seattle and Poland. So now it’s time to catch up on some missed emails and new posts on the blog to fill you all in on what’s been happening around here :D

Barbet Maple

This is Nappyroots Erma (Maple) a pup from our 2013 litter to CH Nelum-Himalis Daphne CGN and Nappyroots Afrika Bambaataa WC. She stayed with us for a visit this past summer and here she is before she had a haircut. Love this sweet girl!
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Madzia earned her Junior Hunter title!!!

This past weekend at the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Toronto hunt tests in Puslinch, Ontario, our Madzia earned her Junior Hunter title becoming the 3rd Barbet in all of Canada to achieve this honour!!! YIPPEE KI YAY :D

On Saturday, September 12th, I showed up at headquarters 45 minutes early to find everything was organized more than I was use to, there was a catalog with my name on it and a test committee member ready to show me where my land and water tests were to be setup. I arrived at the land test grounds and met up with other handlers and watched test dog retrieve both marks. I was a little nervous as the first mark was pretty far away and over a hill, which when training on my own I could not prepare to face such a challenge, nor did I think to do so whenever Chris was around to help. Luckily the winger worked really well and I was not deterred that Madzia could not see her duck. As luck would have it we were last out of 16 dogs trialing for Juniors.
First mark
This was the first mark and you can see straight ahead of the handler, that yes drove all the way from Alabama, where the winger was over the hill. Madzia nailed her first mark bang on and delivered right to hand how we always train always soft mouthing the bird. Second mark she also hit bang on and delivered once again to hand. No scooping involved once crossing the line. Madzia is trained to come to my right side come around my back and sit directly opposite my left side always and I mean always holding her bird. Some dogs did not, sadly, pass this stage as they unfortunately pecked away or crunched down on their bird tearing it open. An automatic fail.

We then had a nice lunch put on by the club and were off to the water marks. We were down in a field and had to walk down to the pond at Beaupre Farms where I was glad to see it was very closed in.
First water mark
Madzia again was last and she nailed both marks. We had a cheering gallery behind us as she proceeded to bring back her second bird, all the handlers, test committee and judges too had never seen a Barbet work in a hunt simulation. Everyone was happy to see the breed work and how although all dogs are different, the breed does what it was bred to do. I was ecstatic!!! My girl did it! I was very proud and it was a heartfelt moment for me. We earned our 2nd Junior Hunt test pass that day and so many people were interested to learn about the Barbet, even the handler from Alabama.
Barbet Madzia 2nd Junior Hunt pass
On Sunday, September 13, we arrived back at headquarters to sign in and find out where our new test grounds were to be for both land and water. We arrived at the land test and watched test dog do both marks. We were surprised and nervous to hear that the judges felt too many dogs passed on the Saturday and decided that the trials should be made more difficult. The land marks were in cover and yes on Sunday out of the 18 dogs trialing I found more did indeed fail. Madzia was last again. She nailed her first mark and on the way back saw the decoys and stopped and thought who and what are you, always holding her bird, she quickly realized the ploy and delivered her bird to hand as she also did on the second retrieve. Woohoo! We made the call and were going onto water!

The water trial on the second day was also more difficult in a very muddy and weedy pond. So a lot of work on the dogs to get their ducks. Madzia powerfully swam out to her first bird, yes powerful for her little size, and got her duck, she climbed out on the other side and saw the gunner and once again thought who are you? No matter, your not my handler and with bird in mouth she climbed back in the water and swam all the way back to me delivering her duck to hand.

Then on her second mark which was farther she powerfully jumped back in the pond and swam out to her second duck. She nailed it and swam back to me cutting in about 15 feet as she was probably super tired, climbed over a fallen tree, always with duck in mouth, and delivered again once to hand. WE, OR SHALL I SAY, SHE…DID IT!!!

Madzia achieved her 3rd and final Junior Hunt test pass, earning her the Junior Hunter title. The judges were very pleased in what they saw!
Barbet Madzia earns her Junior Hunter title
This was truly a special weekend!!! After the Saturday trials, word had spread about the little girl that could, and being of the Barbet breed, so many people stopped to see who this special girl was, especially those trialing the Master Hunter tests. To say I am proud of Madzia is an understatement! We are a team, I am her captain, and she is my canine athlete ;) I want to send a BIG and I mean BIG thank you to judges Gail Bourgeois and Jill Chalmers for recognizing the potential, drive and spirit in my little girl. Also I would like to thank Tim and Lynda Elvey, the wonderful couple I met who took me under their wing, and to Lynda who took the two water retrieves on video for us. Thank you to everyone who supported us and I hope to see you again next year at the WCI and Senior Hunt trials.

Madzia was born and bred in Canada. She is from the first Barbet born litter in Ontario, back in 2008 to Biscay Water Dogs and breeder Paula Ballak. I could not thank you enough for entrusting this special girl to us and I hope you are proud and love what you see I have achieved with my best friend! Madzia is registered now as CH Satine Biscay’s Precious Pearl WC JH CGN and is daughter to dutch import Ch Quaciendas Cirocco Cristaline and polish import Alma z Gorki Podduchownej.

Double Impact

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Double take anyone? Chris quickly called me to the patio window and this is what I found. Mother and daughter sitting together as one. So many of our puppies traits come from their parents its unreal to witness them. Here you will see Nappyroots Charming (on the left) a Madzia/Disco puppy with her momma Madzia (right). Even the head tilt is the same.

Go! Louis! Go!

A couple weeks ago at the St. Catharines & District Kennel & Obedience Club obedience trials Louis (Nappyroots Aloysius) passed two legs to earn his CD (companion dog) title. Louis competed in the Novice A class and earned 2nd place in the first trial and 1st place (high in class) in the second trial. To earn his CD title, Louis must earn 3 qualifying scores under at least 2 different judges in the Novice A and/or B Class. So with two down, Gail and Louis, are working hard to achieve another qualifying score and are aiming for another high in class placement. Way to go you two!!! We could not be more proud of all your hard work :D
Louis two legs of obedience
Louis ribbons

Daphne’s false pregnancy

Our poor Daphne will not be having any puppies this time around. She is experiencing a phantom (false) pregnancy. False pregnancy, phantom pregnancy, pseudo-pregnancy or pseudocyesis are all terms that refer to a display of maternal (mothering) behavior combined with the physical signs of pregnancy following estrus (“heat”) in a female dog that is not actually pregnant. Our Daphne went through all the physical and psychological signs of being pregnant. She experienced a loss of appetite around week 7, her milk came in, her belly hardened, she started nesting and even close to what we presumed would be her due date, started having discharge common to before labour. Having not done an ultrasound (we have never actually done one before) we had trusted her signs and thought she would be having a very small litter but in the end she had no puppies at all.

A few days after her due date we started to worry something was wrong and took her in to the vet to see what was going on. He did an ultrasound and indeed said it was a false pregnancy and not to worry it was actually very common. He looked over all her organs which were in great shape and checked for any infections as to why after mating she was having a false pregnancy and summed it up to mother nature.

Mother Nature is an odd thing. Often the most wanted pregnancies are hard to achieve, yet the unwanted ones happen in the blink of an eye…and that goes for humans, cats, horses and everything else, not only dogs.

As poor Daphne still thinks she’s going to have pups and is quite disappointed in herself we’re going to concentrate on getting her out of the house and around people to keep her busy and her mind occupied. This weekend were going to get her out to the St Jacobs farmers market for an afternoon and then we’re also going to spend a day in Elora with her. Time to focus on the positive and that she is physically alright and since we know she still wants to have pups in the future we shall wait and see what happens next time for this little one.

8 week old Barbet pups

Wyllow and Chmurnik pups
All For Dogs
The Wyllow and Chmurnik Barbet puppies are 8 weeks old this weekend and will soon be getting ready to go to their new homes. The dam is CH Wyllow Biscay’s Grand Opal and the sire is our CH Chmurnik z Gorki Podduchownej CGN. This is a first litter for kennel All For Dogs (from Ottawa, Ontario) and for more information or interest in these pups email Tammy Allarie at allfordogsfunandfitness@gmail.com

Upcoming Barbet litter – Fall 2015

CH Nelum-Himalis Daphne CGN X CH Chmurnik z Gorki Podduchownej CGN

Our beautiful Finnish girl Daphne will be having her third litter of Barbet puppies and was bred to our Polish stud Chmurnik. This is our first repeat breeding as Daphne and Chmurnik had their first litter back in 2011 (our Nappyroots B litter). We choose to do this repeat breeding because the outcome of this pair produced lovely healthy Barbet puppies that have an excellent obedient temperament, are very gentle with children, and are versatile.

CH Nelum-Himalis Daphne CGN (born May 17, 2009) in Finland. She is one of seven puppies to Nelum-Himalis Braise (FI) & sire Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco (FR). Bred by Anne Keippilä and Ritva & Göran Sjöström. Daphne is black with a spiral curl coat. Height 20½″/52cm. Weight 45lbs/20kg. OFA hips tested GOOD (A/A), elbows tested NORMAL (0/0) & eyes tested NORMAL. She is CKC and AKC FSS registered with a 3-generation FCI pedigree. Daphné has also been registered with the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC).

Daphne is a CKC Canadian Champion and a Canine Good Neighbour (CGN). She carries the rare fawn gene and was the mother of the first platinum sand female Nappyroots Brin d’Amour and fawn with sand markings male BPISS CH Nappyroots Buju Banton CGN Barbet in North America. She is a shy girl who loves children, other animals and is crazy about cuddling. Daphne is the ‘princess’ around these parts, who enjoys her therapy visits to the old age home.

doodler in the woods

CH Chmurnik z Gorki Podduchownej CGN (born November 28, 2008) is a solid black colour with a curly coat that can cord (we’ve actually got his tail corded 23cm long now, love it & are going for floor length). Height 23½”/59cm. Weight 61½lbs/28kg. OFA hips tested EXCELLENT (A/A), elbows tested NORMAL (0/0), heart tested NORMAL, thyroid tested NORMAL and eyes tested NORMAL. He is DNA profiled with the AKC. Chmurnik is CKC, UKC & AKC FSS registered with a 3 generation pedigree. He is five star health rated (hips/elbows/eyes/heart/thyroid) and registered with the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC).

Chmurnik was imported from Pabiance, Poland in March 2009 and bred by Piotr Piotrowski. Born to dam Ottavia (IT) and sire Borealii Choco-Pop (FI), whom are both 1st place hunting champions and also conformation champions. Chmurnik is one of eight puppies and the third litter ever born in Poland!

Our Chmurnik is a CKC Canadian Champion and a Canine Good Neighbour. He is a confident outgoing male who loves all people and children. Chmurnik is quite the father figure who loves to be around the puppies and has helped raise all of our litters. He loves to fetch, has natural instinct & working ability and is a capable retriever on both land and water. His son Obie from his first litter with Satine already has his Working Certificate title. Chmurnik has since sired two litters of fawn Barbet puppies.

Barbet Chmurnik stud

Our breedings are limited, about two litters per year. We breed with the goal of producing healthy puppies that adhere to the Barbet breed standard with natural hunting and working ability. Our Daphne X Chmurnik litter will be our Nappyroots ‘I’ litter and puppies are expected late August. Puppies for companionship, hunting, show prospects, agility/obedience and therapy.

Nappyroots H litter families

Our pups from our Nappyroots H litter have been in their new homes two months now and everyone is thriving with their new families. Here are our 9 week photos of pups with families except for the updated one of Napoleon since we didn’t take one at 9 weeks, we were too busy entertaining Grace who flew in from British Columbia, and have been waiting the last few weeks for a family photo.

Havana (now Ana) went home with her mom Tilly to live with the Coyne family in Chatham, Ontario. Ana was the only female in this litter, so how perfect that mother and daughter get to live together.
Coyne family
Herbie Hancock (now Hugo) lives with Stacey in Hamilton, Ontario. Hugo will be coming to stay with us in a few weeks for a visit and we can’t wait to see this little tyke.
Havarti (now Eli) lives with Kayla in Chelmsford, Ontario. He is the light of her world!
Hatsan (now Riggs) lives with the Pilon family in Stittsville, Ontario. Just a stones throw away from his father Angus (Nappyroots Mr Brown), who lives in Carp.
Pilon family
And lastly why we’ve waited this long to introduce our new Nappyroots families…Husqvarna (now Napoleon) lives with the McDougall family in Kamloops, British Columbia. We’re hoping Julia can take some more of her beautiful photos of this special pup that has flown to live so far away.
McDougall family
Here is one of Julia’s photos of Napoleon with his best friend Jade.