Barbet Scarlett and Sophie’s first point!

This past weekend, February 21 & 22, we were at the Woodstock & District Canine Association show at the Woodstock Fairgrounds. Chris could not attend the show on Saturday due to a photo shoot so we had Sophie all prepped and excited to show off our Nappyroots Fara (Scarlett). Scarlett is a future breeding female for us who has lived with Sophie and the Jones family since she was ready to go home. She is a puppy from our Nappyroots F litter (Madzia X Dougy) born January 25, 2014. Sophie could not have been more excited to show off her puppy and had a ‘winners’ heart all weekend long. Like any of us showing our own dogs, who doesn’t have that ‘winners’ heart, and want someone else to recognize that in our pooches.

After the amazing job Sophie did handling on the Saturday we thought she was up for it again on the Sunday. Not only did she do fabulous…she took Best of Breed with Scarlett and these two got their first point ever! Then Sophie, with no hesitation, went into the show ring for sporting group with most of the professional handlers and led the pack. A great day for all of us! Thanks to Sophie for taking on this new adventure and we can’t wait till she earns her first Championship on Scarlett :D Thanks to our judge Barbara Alderman from Pennsylvania, USA for recognizing the STAR quality in this winning team!

Beautiful photos of the momma to be!

I wanted to share some photos taken back in early January of Chantilly Lace having a blast with her family in all the snow we have been getting. She sure enjoyed strutting her stuff and turned into quite the snow monster. No season seems to affect these guys although some of the -40 degree days with windchill were sure cold!

These photos were taken before Tilly was bred to Angus and nothing but a growing belly has changed about this beautiful girl. She still has her luscious coat and we are leaving it this length for the whelping ;)

Happy Birthday Frankie

Our Frankie (Ermengarda X Booly Wooly de la Serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre) turns the big whooping 5 years old today. Frankie is care free, mellow, loving and ‘a horse of course’…still loves bouncing around in the backyard when we have lots of snow. Enjoy your day beautiful girl! It’s all about you :D We love you very much!!!

Dali’s day off!

Since dog shows are not our life and no, we aren’t professional handlers, but yes, we do love showing off our own dogs…we do love to reward our dogs after a long day at work! Usually that means a hour or two long drive one way to a show, setup and quick one over and practice, then either or not they do well…we come home to a long evening of play.

In this case our Dali, did excellent, and won Best of Breed, totalling once or twice ‘Best of Breed’ in her career, resulting in us coming home to some raw beef knee caps and play in the knee deep fresh snow. We love it that our dogs know that life with us is beyond anything else and that shows, although they love to please us, come second.

Here is Dali enjoying the once again good life…and being none other than a true Barbet! Now she gets to go home and enjoy all the bones she can get her paws on, life with her best pal Banditt and any haircut her parents want to adorn her with! Life is good!

Barbet Dali back home with Brian and Sandy, sharing Banditt’s bed & bubble… :D

In Canada 2nd Champion from Frankly Scarlet and Cousteau

Brian and Sandy, check this out…
In Canada 2nd Champion from Frankly Scarlet and Cousteau
Elaine, Frankly Scralet’s breeder, couldn’t have been more pleased of Dali and Danger earning their recent CKC Championships!!! Woohoo! Elaine thank you very much for our Frankie :D

We have the best families ever!

So this past weekend at the Wildwood Kennel Club show we showed our Nappyroots Daisy and Nappyroots Fara puppies. It was Fara’s (aka Scarlett’s) first show and we could not have been happier to spend the day with her family the Jones’. Curt, Tory, Noah and Sophie came to see their puppy show and support her all the way!!! They were very pleased with her curiously friendly & social disposition for the show atmosphere. Scarlett was quick to learn and a very proud puppy that loved to strut her stuff in the show ring. We can’t wait to see her reach her full promise at the shows and look forward to spending a lot more time with the Jones! Scarlett is our ‘pick female’ from our F litter, CH Satine Biscay’s Precious Pearl CGN WC X FCC CH, CAN CH Barbugaulios Daragon born on January 25, 2014.
Here is Sophie with Scarlett & Ula with Dali…

For all our friends who know Keith and are following his status…his kidney transplant was 100% successful, actually better then expected, and it has took all the way. He has had one hospital appointment after the transplant only because the doctors were shocked that his new kidney was working better then expected! Great news! Keith has since been reunited with his two best gals Danger and Avey. Here he can be seen with his Avey (our Nappyroots Guantanamera) and his mom who has been down for the last month and a half helping him get settled in ;)

New Nappyroots CKC Champion

Today at the Wildwood Kennel Club show in Woodstock our Nappyroots Daisy (aka Dali) earned Best of Breed giving her another 2 point win and achieving her the status of CKC Champion. Dali is our second Nappyroots female to earn her CKC Championship and sister to Dirty Harriet (aka Danger) who earned her championship this past December at the Elora show. Dali is a CH Frankly Scarlet de la Serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre X Cousteau Von der Leibrucke puppy from our Nappyroots D litter when Chris travelled to the Netherlands for this amazing breeding. Way to go Dali and Chris!!!! Thank you to judge Patricia Taylor for recognizing our Dali’s potential and earning her this CKC title :D

Tilly and Angus breeding

Who shows up for his first date wearing a Christmas sweater??? Well it’s not Jasna, LOL. It’s Mr Brown (aka Angus) our very own Nappyroots stud from our B litter back in 2011 (CH Nelum-Himalis Daphne CGN X CH Chmurnik z Gorki Podduchownej CGN). Gotta love that this dude came to meet his girl friend Tilly and performed the deed wearing his best outfit. I normally don’t post breeding photos on the blog but how could I resist when this made me burst out laughing. Of course because of my job I could not be there in the flesh for this breeding, so I want to thank my wonderful husband for making the trip all the way up to Ottawa and then back down to Chatham to drop Tilly off with her family. Also a BIG thanks to the Czharynski family for meeting Chris everyday and chaperoning Angus on his dates ;) You guys are the BEST!

Upcoming Barbet litter – Spring 2015

Nappyroots Chantilly Lace X Nappyroots Mr Brown

Our very special girl Tilly will be having her first litter of Barbet puppies and was bred to also a first time stud Angus. Both Tilly and Angus are Nappyroots puppies and this will be the first time both parents of our litter are Nappyroots born and bred :D With this breeding we hope to produce beautiful healthy puppies with friendly temperaments that will be great show prospects with natural working ability, and most of all wonderful family companions. This breeding took place in January and we will be expecting puppies the first week of March.

Nappyroots Chantilly Lace (born June 20, 2012) is black with a wavy coat that is quite manageable. Height 19½”/50cm. Weight 33lbs/15kg. OFA hips tested EXCELLENT (A/A), elbows tested NORMAL (0/0) & eyes tested NORMAL. She is CKC registered with a 3 generation CKC pedigree and she is also registered with the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC).

Chantilly Lace who goes by Tilly, comes from our third litter of Barbet puppies. Her dam is CH Satine Biscay’s Precious Pearl CGN WC (CA) & sire is CH Nelum-Himalis Disque d’Or CGN (FI). Tilly is one of seven puppies and a Barbet of old type with a pedigree full of dogs from old lines. Her litter pays tribute to the ‘U’ litter di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco (the purest Barbet in the world). Great grandmother Udine is carried through on the dam’s side and grandfather Ulysses is through on the sire’s side.

Tilly is a fun, affectionate, laid back Barbet who is the center of attention of the Coyne family. She loves going on walks, chasing rabbits and going to family sport events, whether it’s baseball or soccer. Tilly loves being a lapdog and enjoys her one-on-one time with her human mom Marsha.

Nappyroots Mr Brown (born September 1, 2011) is a warm brown colour with a curly coat. Height 22½”/57cm. Weight 63lbs/28kg. OFA hips tested FAIR (B/B), elbows tested NORMAL (0/0), heart tested NORMAL & eyes tested NORMAL. He is CKC registered with a 3 generation CKC pedigree and he is also registered with the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC).

Mr Brown who goes by Angus, is from our second litter of Barbet puppies. His dam is CH Nelum-Himalis Daphne CGN (FI) & his sire is CH Chmurnik z Gorki Podduchownej CGN (PL). Angus is one of eight puppies and brother to the first fawn and sand Barbets in North America.

Angus has a pure affinity towards water. He can be seen on the dock, in the lake or on the family paddle boat. He is an astounding dock jumper and in all honesty it’s hard to keep him out of the water. Angus has natural hunting instinct and working ability to retrieve water fowl. He goes on duck hunts with the Czaharynski family and their four boys. This guy has the ideal qualities of a working Barbet, between his love for birds and water.

Puppies for companionship, hunting, show, agility/obedience & therapy. This will be our Nappyroots ‘H’ litter and puppies are expected early March. These puppies are already spoken for and not available.

Best kept photos of 2014

So over the course of last year, Chris had his camera out, everywhere we went. One of those special occasions was to one of my favourite photo spots and during my favourite time of the year, the fall. The spot is just about 10 mins from our place and it’s the Lions Trail in Elmira. On this special occasion we were hanging out with friends Gerry & Lisa Doerksen and their Barbet pup Euclid. Who better to take for a walk with Euclid, none other then his mom Daphne. Here are the two photos Chris took on that walk which are runners for my all time favourite Barbet photos by my loving Chris Pepper Photography. I think I will be getting the one of Daphne stretched onto a big piece of canvas…another happy customer. LOL :D