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This past Friday (November 28) we had more birthdays to celebrate….we did not forget about you ;) It was our big guys special day and Chmurnik turned 6 years old! We are so thankful for his great health and his contribution to the breed, he has fathered four litters of healthy and happy puppies. He celebrated his big day with lots of cuddles and a special birthday dinner of raw meaty bones. Here is the handsome fellow when he was just 1 year old….

It was also a special day for our ‘D’ litter puppies, our Frankly Scarlet X Cousteau litter, which Chris and Frankie travelled all the way to the Netherlands for this breeding. These guys are now 2 years old! Happy Birthday goes out to: Dali, Danger, Wembley, Cali, Daisy, Riley, Sadie and Zuzia!!! We hope you all had a wonderful day with your families :D I still remember when you were just this little.

Our first litter turns 4 years old

Happy Birthday to our first litter of Barbet puppies, our A litter, whom turn 4 years old today! Hip Hip Hooray! Happy BIG Birthday to Louis, Obie, Brie, Alouette, Roscoe, Koda, Josie, and Ruby :D Here’s to many more years of great health and lots of happiness with your human families! Louis pictured below was here a week ago enjoying a few days with us and getting back to his roots with his Barbet family.

It’s crazy to think that our first litter is already turning 4 when it seems like it was just the other day that we were preparing for these amazing pups to join us. This special litter belongs to our CH Satine Biscay’s Precious Pearl CGN WC and CH Chmurnik z Gorki Podduchownej CGN.

Happy Birthday ‘B’ litter

Our 2nd litter of Barbet puppies turns 3 years old today! This litter of eight amazing little ones (well not so little anymore) was born to CH Nelum-Himalis Daphne CGN and CH Chmurnik z Gorki Podduchownej CGN on September 1, 2011. They have brought a lot of life and happiness to their families lives and anyone that has had the special privilege to spend time with them. We are oh so proud that with our love and dedication we could make this litter happen ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Beanie, Bodhi, Roo, Brogan, Hugo, Reba, Angus and Bilko!!! Smooches to all of you on your special day :D

A few photos of the B litter gang taken this year…
BPISS CH Nappyroots Buju Banton CGN aka Brogan…

Nappyroots Brin d’Amour aka Roo aka Guimauve…

Nappyroots Beaujolais aka Beanie…

Barbet puppies gun training

Our Nappyroots G litter (Frankie X Chmurnik) is 7 weeks old and Chris has been doing gun training with them for about 2 1/2 weeks now. When he first started he was at the back of the yard and now is just beneath their feet. Everyone is doing well and just the odd flinch here or there but all bounce back within seconds. We have been doing this gun training since our first litter and not only does it prepare them for future retrieving but also any sound socialization. All our pups go home accepting loud noises! Today we introduced a duck wing to the pups and our litter was quite interested….orange collared and pink collared girls took flight with the wing :)

Barbet at work

With our litter of puppies at home, one of us is always here and while the puppies nap each day we spent a great deal of time building a vegetable garden. With five adult Barbet living at the house and the occasional visitor we had to build a reinforced fence around where we were planning to plant the vegetables especially since some of the dogs enjoy the sporadic dig or the occasional carrot ;) We decided to put some 4×4 posts into the ground so we could make our first picket fence. For this Chris borrowed a skid steer from his work and a lawn roller which the dogs were quite interested in. Since we like to think we have a good sense of humour around these parts Chris started a ‘Barbet at work’ portfolio. Enjoy these awesome HDR photos and see if you can find all the Barbet ;)

Barbet puppy photos from the great outdoors

Here is the latest batch of puppy photos from the great outdoors. The Frankie and Chmurnik puppies are now five weeks old and are going to be spending as much time as possible outside in the beautiful weather we’ve been having…as long as it’s not too hot for them of course.

Momma Frankie also gets in a lunch break for the little ones.

First video of our Frankie and Chmurnik Barbet puppies

Our Nappyroots G litter has just turned five weeks old and this was their first weekend outside. The weather was absolutely beautiful although Saturday was blistering hot and in the sun it was a little too much for the puppies at such a young age, so Sunday ended up to be a perfect day after the rain cooled things down. You can see the pups are still unsure of their surroundings and cry a bit to go back inside to their playpen when that’s been their safe place and security for the last few weeks. This changes very quickly and in just a couple of days they will be wanting to spend more time outside.

For all our traveling puppy families that are flying to come and pick up their puppies…this is for you :D with a cameo appearance of Chmurnik the sire of this gorgeous bunch.

Barbet puppy visitors

The army of ten Barbet puppies have started to get their fair share of puppy visitors. Once the puppies turn three weeks old we invite friends, families and future Barbet owners to come and visit with the little ones so the puppies can meet as many people as possible. They need the socialization to feel confident when they go out into the world so it’s important that they see, smell, hear and are handled by people of all ages, sexes, people with disabilities, you name it! We especially love seeing and taking photos of our puppies with kids because we enjoy seeing the light our puppies have on everyone. Who couldn’t resist a puppy ;)

Frankie and Chmurnik Barbet puppies 4 weeks old

Our Nappyroots G litter is four weeks old now and there have been many changes. Their little personalities are just starting to emerge and we have the pleasure of watching them progress on their journey. The puppy playpen has been added to the whelping box so they have quite a lot of space, many new toys & beds have been introduced, yummy puppy mush with goats milk is already under way with the first little pokes of puppy teeth appearing. Here are our latest photos of our Frankie and Chmurnik puppies when they first came out of their whelping box and their first meal…

Barbet Daphne joins me for the Shunyata Outdoor Yoga Event

Yesterday I had the pleasure to slip away with Daphne, while Chris stayed home with the puppies, to the Shunyata Outdoor Yoga Event. It was held at Rejuvenating Spring in Mount Nemo, Burlington and it turned out to be a beautiful sun shining day. We were catered to a delicious and hearty organic lunch followed by a hike on the Bruce Trail which finished with fresh coconuts for everyone. The day culminated with yoga in the forest and a fire pit lit for anyone who wanted to stay and socialize. A big thanks to Brian of Shunyata Yoga for organizing the event and Sjonum & Phil from Rejuvenating Spring for hosting and preparing the amazing lunch :D

I spent the day with my great friend Sabina and her family while getting to meet some wonderful people! A one in a lifetime event being able to do yoga with my Barbet girl Daphne ;)