Winter 2014

CH Satine Biscay’s Precious Pearl CGN WC X FCC CH, Can CH Barbugaulois Daragon

Our momma Madzia, will be having her third litter which will be her final litter! We have chosen Dougy as her special mate!
We are planning a litter of Barbet puppies in winter 2014 with our special girl CH Satine Biscay’s Precious Pearl CGN WC, who is the mother of two litters (Nappyroots A & C). The stud we have chosen to use FCC CH, CAN CH Barbugaulois Daragon and who goes by Dougy, is also a 5 year old Barbet (he is actually 1 month older than Madzia ;) ) and has fathered one litter (Northrock’s A). Madzia will be bred to Dougy in November/December and we are expecting puppies January/February.

CH SATINE BISCAY’S PRECIOUS PEARL CGN WC was born on June 15, 2008 in Canada, and goes by the name Madzia! She is one of eight puppies to Alma z Gorki Podduchownej (PL) & sire CH Quaciendas Cirocco Cristaline (NL). She is a light brown with a wavy coat which is quite manageable. Madzia weighs 42lbs/19kg and stands at 19¼”/49cm. She is CKC and AKC FSS registered with a 3-generation CKC pedigree. Madzia has her hips & elbows OVC NORMAL, thyroid OFA NORMAL & eyes have been CERF‘d NORMAL (2009, 2013).

Madzia is a CKC Canadian Champion (CH), a Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) and holds a coveted Working Certificate (WC) title. She is our first ever Canadian Barbet from Paula Ballak at Biscay Waterdogs and was in the first litter ever born in Ontario back in 2008. Madzia is the epitome of FRIENDLY and has a very loving, nurturing, affectionate, playful personality that would put a smile on anybody’s face. She is a natural born hunter and loves her birds!

In 2011 the Barbet was first recognized to compete in the WC/I/X trials in Canada and on September 29th, 2011 at the Mill Creek Retriever Club working certificate trials Madzia was the 4th Barbet to ever earn such a title. She is the 3rd female Barbet and now 1 of 6 Barbet to have a Canadian Working Certificate title and is personally trained and handled by us. She has passed her hunting abilities and drive on to her son, Nappyroots Afrika Bambaataa WC, the 3rd Barbet to have his Working Certificate title and the ONLY male Barbet!

FCC CH, CAN CH BARBUGAULOIS DARAGON was born on April 26, 2008 in Quebec. He is co-owned & lives with his owners Sylvie Marlow and Bobby Souchereau close to Montreal. Born to CH Ugotitall de la Perte aux Loups (FR) and sire Volkan des Grves d’Armor (FR), Dougy is one of seven puppies born to breeder Michel Raymond of Le Barbu Gaulois. He is a very handsome stud who we would like to incorporate in our line and this is a new beginning for us working with Le Barbu Gaulois. Michel Raymond has been a Barbet breeder in Canada for quite some time! Dougy weighs 58lbs/26kg and stands at 25″/63cm. He has OFA GOOD hips, OFA NORMAL heart, OFA NORMAL thyroid & eyes have been CERF‘d NORMAL (March 2012).

Dougy is CKC registered with an International (FCC CH) and CKC Canadian Championship (CH). He has several group placements. Dougy is a loyal companion of Bobby’s with a friendly, playful personality who is well socialized. He loves to play fetch and is confident in his Obedience completing class level three.

We are excited about using this handsome black Canadian stud and are hoping for a healthy and beautiful last litter for our Madzia! We look forward to this nicely structured litter and anticipate the puppies will show promise in their natural instinct and working abilities.

Madzia and Dougy

Barbet Madzia and the Seven Dwarfs

We had a very busy weekend as our Barbet puppies have arrived!!! On Saturday, January 25th, 2014 our Madzia (CH Satine Biscay’s Precious Pearl CGN WC) gave birth to seven extremely healthy and oh so beautiful puppies :D This is Madzia’s last litter (although we’re not sure if she’s aware yet) and we could not have asked for a smoother delivery. Madzia is a CHAMP and she pushed the pups out like a professional. A fairly short delivery, she had all seven puppies in just under 5 hours.

Madzia and Dougy (FCC CH, CAN CH Barbugaulois Daragon) had four striking black females and three stunning black males. All the puppies have more or less white (some with white gloves, chests & chins and others white toes & just the tips of the tails).

This will be our Nappyroots ‘F’ litter and all puppies will have our CKC registered kennel ‘Nappyroots’ prefix with ‘F’ names. Another spoiler, as we did one with Madzia’s ‘C’ litter, is that we will be naming one lovely male ‘Nappyroots Frère Jacques’. This special name has been in the making four years now from Madzia’s first litter when we named a girl ‘Nappyroots Alouette’. Our favourite french songs since Chris and I were babies! I’m glad after all these years the name didn’t slip my mind ;)

Madzia’s mucus plug (this is like water breaking) went at about 1:11pm and her first contraction was two hours later.

Here is the puppies birth record:
3:19pm – Black with white female – 351g – white collar – Fara
3:39pm – Black with white female – 275g – black collar – Fatima
4:05pm – Black female – 275g – grey collar – Fromage
4:58pm – Black male – 361g – blue collar – Franco
5:25pm – Black with white male – 333g – burgundy collar – Frere Jacques
6:08pm – Black with white female – 288g – purple collar – Fugeela
8:12pm – Black with white male – 332g – tan collar – Fresh Prince

Photo montage of our Madzia X Dougy litter over the course of nine weeks….